About Us

Provia Group was established by a combination of experienced people acting in energy and engineering sectors. Provia Management GmbH based in Hamburg, Germany and Provia Industrial Buildings, Energy and Trade Inc. based in Ankara, Turkey work as partners. Provia Industrial Buildings, Energy and Trade Inc. was established in 1994 in Ankara and has worked so far with many firms. Provia Management GmbH was founded in 2004 in Hamburg, Germany and continues its working. As Provia Group, our vision is, to enable our customers' investments a consistently resource to work with us which they can trust. Together with the companies we work with, it is attempted to establish a relationship based on trust. To catch a working frequency of efficiency and maintain this rhythm is the main goal of us.

Together with our partners, we offer to our customers the full range of service contracts or long-term agreements covering the operation, consultancy and maintenance of the supply of spare parts and repair and general maintenance and updates of the work carried out in the field with a wide range of services.


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