In a fast growing world, globalization, the greenhouse effect, pollution, decline in natural resources and rapid population growth lowers the quality of our lives and uncovers the dangers for the future generations. Apart from its economic success, Provia Group accepts environmental awareness as a social responsibility and works by fulfilling the terms of the legislation related to the environment, using natural resources efficiently and considering the best available techniques to prevent environmental pollution.

Many working sites include particles suspended in the air with various pollutants. This air contamination is not only a danger against human health but also a problem for the quality of the machines and products. The necessity and importance of the sterilized areas can be observed clearly for all cases.

Provia Group presents solutions for the needs of fuel gas treatments of thermal power plants and other industrial organizations and eliminates problems. At the same time, it provides rehabilitation, repair, maintenance, inspection services for the existing gas removal processes to the firms contacted.

Provia Group works with a developed high technological electro-filter applications for a friendly energy with environment. It contacts with the firms that guarantee internationally accepted emission standards and with this technical information, it aims to expand both the production and establishment of them in Turkey.


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