Turbine Services

Regular maintenance in accordance with OEM procedures is vital in terms of the ongoing operation of gas turbines. For the continuation of maintaining protection from your gas turbine, you have to change the old pieces of it with the new ones produced with lastly proven technology.

Similar to steam turbines, regular maintenance of gas turbines is also expensive since they are accepted as critical equipment. Improperly planned and unplanned maintenance or improper turbine operating conditions can lead to major damage. Thus, planned and unplanned maintenance of the gas turbines must be provided in accordance with the advices of OEM firms during indicated working time periods. When the inner pieces of the gas turbine are taken into observance, it is seen that combustion chamber is protected with ceramic composite materials and wings are protected with thermal spray coating. Rotors and nozzles are composed of super alloy and injectors are made from one unit ceramic material. Gas turbines must be resistant to high temperatures, thus, material technology has been developed at gas turbine.
Our wide range of turbine products and services has a simple aim: minimize our customer's costs and maximize their power output.


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